Fresco, Frais, Firsch, Fresh Food

Is there any way to help our body fight diseases in a natural way? Is it possible to live better and feel better just by eating right? What is better and how can I tell what is good for my health when I choose my food? I ask myself these and many more questions about my life and my health, and I am in the pursuit of the answers that will help me make better choices for the future of my family, loved ones and myself. I want to help others to get the knowledge needed to make their own decisions about food and life itself. 

Fresh food at farmers market
Fresh food at farmers market

I never paid much attention to my eating habits. During my college years, I was like an animal eating everything in front of me; late night huge burgers, out of the refrigerator pasta for breakfast, sweet treats three times a day. My body just handled it, and I never had to worry about the goodness of what I ate except for the indulgence of my palate which pretty much was satisfied with anything I could wrap my hands on when the hunger sensation was present (every other hour or so).

“…I knew then something had to change… I had to learn cooking in order to change my eating habits.”

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